“All of you, therefore, enter into the joy of our Lord; both first and last, receive your reward. You rich and poor, with one another dance. You who are abstinent and you who are indolent, honor this day. You who have fasted and you who have not fasted, be glad today.”

Jun 2024


At this joyous and festive time of year, creation rejoices as death has been destroyed through Christ’s Resurrection. God’s love for His creation is manifested through His Risen Son as we are no longer subject to death but have the opportunity for abundant life. Christ willingly endured betrayal, humiliation, crucifixion and entombment for us to be reconciled with Him.

All creation rejoices regardless of whether we prepared ourselves from the beginning or presented ourselves at the end. Today we rejoice knowing that the joy of the Resurrection knows no bounds. The rich and poor dance together, the abstinent and indolent honor the day. Regardless of where we are on our road, we are united through the Resurrection. We all now enter into the joy of our Lord.

How transformative would our life be if we lived every day in Christ Resurrected? Imagine life through this lens as opposed to the blind lens of the things of this life. Imagine how much more easily we would find peace, harmony and fulfillment in our life by living in the joy of the Resurrection.

It is in the Resurrected Christ that we come together as His Church to continue His work. May the spirit of the Resurrection shine in us not only throughout this Paschal season but also throughout our life.

In His Service,

+Fr. Mario