Oct 2021

My Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

One month into the new ecclesiastical year and the after the completion of our “modified” festival after a year’s absence, the time has come to refocus our attention to our life in the church and our parish activities. We do so this year with a little more clarity than last yet with trepidation continually trying to define a new normal. What we know is certain is God’s plan for us and our salvation.

St Paisios of Mount Athos explains, “great patience can resolve many problems and bring about divine results; when you do not even expect a solution, God provides the best solution.” As we continue on our path, we do so not looking to ourselves or those around us for solutions. We do so patiently, trusting that the best solution will ultimately be provided from above. Our challenge is to remain faithful on our path, diligent in prayer being strengthened by the sacramental life and our service to the Church.

St. John Climacas reminds us that, “a servant of the Lord is he who in body stands before men, but in mind knocks at heaven in prayer.” As uncertain as we are with the things of this world while we stand among men, we can be even more certain of the love of our Lord if while doing so we knock at heaven in prayer. In doing so, we eliminate any anxiety of the uncertainty that the world brings.

It is my prayer that as we fully delve into our parish life, we do so united in purpose knowing that God provides the best solution while we knock at heaven in prayer.

In His Service,

+Fr. Mario